Sure, liquor decanters had been around, in plays and Bond movies from the 60s. Decanters always seem like something from the past, too stuffy and impractical for modern use.
But what is a decanter?
Decanters are vessels used to store spirits or liquors. Traditionally, decanters are made of glass or crystal.
Style and appearance is the main reason to use a decanter, It’s the same reason why a barista brings the milk for your coffee or Tea in a footed cup instead of a milk carton.
It’s understandable to use the brand bottles for your expensive and exclusive liquor like Dalmore 62 or The sapphire revelation by Bombay liquor as you would want to show off the brand label.
Presentation and good taste are necessary and a decanter brings both those qualities for your regular alcohol.
Many brands use dark-coloured glass to package the liquor and this prevents the customer to see the colour and texture of the liquor and this is another reason to own a decanter.
Furthermore, decanting liquor releases the flavour, for example, Redwine.
which makes you think “How long can liquor be stored in a decanter?”
If the decanter has an air-tight seal, spirits can be stored for as long as it can be stored in the alcohol container.
For wine, its a few days after opening the bottle. however, spirits like vodka and brand can be stored for years.
In some cases, the decanters have a loose-fitting stopper or no stopper. The stored spirit can evaporate in a loose-fitting stopper, but spirits can still be stored for months without worrying and in case of the latter, the spirit must be consumed on the same day.

In this post let us explore the types of decanters:
There are different decanters made specific for a liquor or spirit type:

Decanter set

Bristol blue Decanter

Novelty Decanter

Gin Decanter

Dedicated Tequila Decanter

Gently twisted Decanter

Decanter Set

Square Glass Decanter

60s Laeken Liquor Set


Enamel artwork on a decanter


Wide-base decanter for ships

Lead crystal decanter


To sum it up, appearance and style are the most important factors in the case of wine liquor decanters. However, depending upon the type of liquor being consumed, the functionality becomes equally essential in deciding for the most favourable shaped decanter. Thus, before making a purchase, make sure the decanter serves to meet your style as well as wine requirements. Your drinkware collection reflects your personality and lifestyle which should be displayed during parties and whenever your guests visit you.
And when it comes to decanting, it may be considered a skill, but honestly, there’s no rocket science. Literally, anyone can easily decant a wine. Try it for fun. Pick up a wine bottle at your friend’s place, pour the wine into a decanter, then leave it for a while and let it breathe before finally pouring it in a glass. It’ll be a great experience to see how the wine transforms with oxygenation.

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